Members of the rank Scoundrel and above should sign up to view the MEMBERS page, all members must use their character name and picture for their account profile.

Lacking direction, tired of being the messenger, angry, disillusioned and looking for something less ordinary?

Tired of the drudgery, feeling smothered by bureaucracy and economic stagnation, sat in an empty guild house?

Join the Racketeers, let us save you from yourself and bring some purpose to your miserable lives.


Be it that you are just curious, are looking to engage in our games and events, wish to do business or even join our numbers, we are just a nod and a wink away. We do not hide in the shadows, not always, and many of our members go about their business in the cold light of day. Let it be known that you wish to contact us, it will soon reach our ears.


We offer a number of services to the public at large, our members can be found at the markets, at the smithies, in the taverns, all ready and waiting to meet your hearts desire and lighten your load.  More details can be found in our SERVICES pages while information regarding our more regular activities, including the announcement of any public events, will be published in our NEWS pages.


To our members we can provide a collective knowledge and experience, personal tuition, opportunity and security while, for those that prove loyal, dependable and discreet there are comforts beyond compare to be found.


The members of the Racketeers are divided into nine ranks which are then further separated into three divisions, the Apprentices, the Specialists and the Operatives. Among the Apprentices are the Rascals and Scoundrels, our newest recruits, who will have to find their feet before gaining promotion.


The Specialists seek a trade, a profession, an acquired skill set, be they a Charmer, Miscreant, Swindler or Hustler they will be at the very heart of the Racketeers.


Positions among the Operatives as Ringleaders, Governor or even Boss are, of course, reserved for  the most worthy.

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